Composition Patent Awarded to MaxGXL

A composition patent is a patent granted for new invented substances that are useful to mankind. As such, it is usually awarded to pharmaceutical drugs.

MaxGXL is a glutahione "accelerator" that has been granted a composition of matter patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This means that no other company can copy its composition until year 2021.

MaxGXL is not a drug that claims to treat diseases. Yet it was granted a patent which is usually reserved for novel drugs!

Why? Because it is an amazing supplement that has "cured" a lot of diseases ranging from cataracts to radiation sickness. Read glutathione testimonials here.

MaxGXL also boats of a double blind study to make sure it is really effective in raising the body's glutathione levels.

Do you know of other supplements that has been awarded a composition patent?

MaxGXL glutathione accelerator does.

Background of the Invention

Yes, it IS an invention!

Basically, the invention is....

" a method of improving glutathione concentrations,both intra and extra-cellularly, in mammals, thereby improving the cellular and humoral immune response."

The invention also aims to stimulate the natural production of glutathione in our own body's cells.

The patented supplement is comprised of an "oral administration of a therapeutically effective amount of nutritional supplement which is composed of critical and synergistic quantities of amino acids, peptides, and bioflavanoids."

Summary of the Invention

The composition of the matter is a mixture of:

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