What is Glutathione?

In my part of the world, glutathione is equated with skin whitening. No kidding!

In fact, people buy GSH pills, soaps and creams for the main purpose of whitening their skin. I don't blame them. Most companies advertise their GSH products for the same reason people buy- to whiten the skin.

What most people don't know is that skin whitening is only a SIDE EFFECT of taking HIGH DOSES of GSH. Its main benefits are far more amazing and important to overall health.

In this page you will learn:

What is Glutathione(GSH)?

It is a protein molecule composed of three amino acids. These acids are called glutathione precursors because they are needed in order to produce glutathione.

These three acids are glycine,cysteine, and glutamic acid. This is why GSH is called a tripeptide.

Glutathione Structure

GSH is found in plants, animals, and microorganisms, serving mainly as an antioxidant. As an antioxidant, it reacts with oxidizing agents to make them harmless.

GSH is also called glutamylcysteinylglycine.

Where is it found?

GSH is found in each and every cell in our body. This includes the bile and the epithileal cells of the lungs. However, it is mainly concentrated in the liver where it is stored and manufactured.

It is called an endogenous antioxidant because it is made inside our body.

Do you know that our mother's milk contains GSH?

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Why is GSH called the "master antioxidant?"

GSH is called the master antioxidant because it is very critical to cellular functions. Without this molecule in our body, our body will not function well.

For example, GSH reduces hydrogen peroxide,which is a toxic by-product of many metabolic reactions in the body, into water.

So, a toxic product(hydrogen peroxide) becomes a life-giving product (water) by the action of GSH.

It is also involved in the transport of amino acids into cells. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

GSH also holds the title "master antioxidant" because of its ability to recycle Vitamin C and E. Just imagine, if our bodies' glutathione levels are high, then the vitamins C and E that we take stay in our bodies longer.

We all know that Vitamins C and E are very potent antioxidants as well. These antioxidants help each other recycle themselves. The end result? More antioxidants doing their job in our body!

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"Ultimate Antioxidant"

GSH is also called the ultimate antioxidant because it exists within the cells of our body. It, therefore, has the distinct advantage of having the prime position in neutralizing free radicals in side the cells.

Our own body manufactures GSH, as opposed to other antioxidants that must come from outside sources like fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Although the master antioxidant is also found in plants and meat, it has the distinct advantage of being also present in our body.

It's like a goldmine sitting inside our bodies waiting to be tapped. If we, therefore, have sufficient amounts of this master antioxidant in our cells, we are assured that our body's functions are working well.

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Scientists, doctors and health advocates are now slowly recognizing the benefits of increased levels of the master antioxidant in our body. They have discovered that people with illnesses almost usually have low GSH levels. Examples are people with Alzheimer's, male infertility and diabetes.

So, the good news is that our bodies produce the ultimate antioxidant.

The bad news is that its levels are falling as we age!

In fact, its levels decrease by 10% every 10 years starting at the age of 20!

We, therefore, need to maintain its optimal level at all times. Starting at age 20, therefore, we must increase our body's reserves of this master antioxidant.

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So, if you think that the world's most powerful antioxidants come from fruits or vegetables, think again.

The world's most powerful antioxidant, called the master and the ultimate antioxidant, is found inside our body.

The body is indeed an amazing creation, don't you think?
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What is the difference between "L-Glutathione" and Reduced Glutathione?"

Do not be confused with L-glutathione and plain GSH because it's one and the same. The "L" part is just used in stereochemistry to indicate the arrangement of atoms in space. In other words, L-glutathione is simply glutathione in layman's terms.

Reduced GSH,on the other hand, is GSH in its reduced form. You see, GSH exists both in its reduced and oxidized form.

In the human body, however, more than ninety percent of the GSH exists in its reduced form. Meaning, it is ready to "reduce" the free radicals in our body.

The "unreduced" or oxidized form is very unstable. Therefore all GSH products in the market are "reduced."

In other words, "L-Glutathione" and Reduced Glutathione" sold in the market are one and the same thing.

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