Glutathione and Pregnancy:
Is it really safe?

pregnant woman

Why not?

Glutathione and pregnancy is not rocket science.

Glutathione is an antioxidant just like Vitamin C and folic acid.

We all know that antioxidants are good for us, pregnant or not.

Why do you think our doctors advise us to take special prenatal vitamins?

To make sure our developing baby turns out as healthy as he or she can be!

Glutathione and pregnancy: is it safe to use?

Yes. According to Dr. Corrine Allen, glutathione is in fact recommended in pregnancy.


  • GSH detoxify chemicals that cause birth defects into less toxic forms
  • GSH protects BOTH mother and fetus from damaging effects of oxidative stress and free radicals
  • GSH is required in the cells to produce more energy which is needed by pregnant women carrying another human being
  • in the placenta, GSH detoxifies pollutants before it reaches the developing child

Glutathione as the body's master antioxidant, protects both mother and fetus from damaging effects of free radicals and oxidative stress.

Many pregnancy complications and birth defects have been linked to oxidative stress. Smoking, poor nutrition, exposure to chemicals all contribute to this.

Pregnancy in itself creates a lot of free radicals. So, it is just wise to take antioxidants and prenatal vitamins to counteract them. Glutathione works like folic acid in preventing birth defects.

In the placenta, GSH helps detoxify pollutants that enter the mother's body BEFORE it reaches the fetus. We know that the placenta is where the baby gets his or her food to grow.

If the placenta is not screened with harmful substances, then the developing fetus has no choice but to absorb them. We don't want that!

With 1 in every 166 child born with autism, it's imperative to protect the developing fetus at all cost!

Did you know that....

Pregnant women who are exposed to metals are susceptible to pregnancy complications?

Exposure to metals such as cadmium, lead and arsenic increase oxidative stress (by lipid peroxidation). The body, in turn, reacts by using up its glutathione reserves to fight the stress.

The results? Decreased glutathione levels. Read the study here.

Still a little skeptic?

Currently, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology advises all pregnant women to take prenatal vitamins containing antioxidants. So, you see, glutathione and pregnancy is a perfect combination!

Also, there is no known toxicity or side effects of glutathione. So, what is there not to benefit from this amazing antioxidant?


People who don't believe in our own antioxidant say not to use glutathione on babies. But Dr. Corrine Allen had a very sick baby who weighed only 7 lbs at 5 months old. The baby hasn't pooped in 15 days. The doctors had no answer or solution and said it was "NORMAL."

The parents, of course, were beside themselves. As you can imagine! Do you know what Dr. Allen did?

She dipped her wet finger with 2 doses of an effective glutathione supplement on the roof of the baby's mouth. And the baby pooped twice! Isn't that amazing?"

Within a week, the baby's weight started to come back and her entire personality and development went back to normal within a month!

If you were the baby's parents, I bet you would do whatever it takes to make your baby well again. So, don't mind the skeptics. There's nothing wrong with increasing your glutathione levels when in fact, it is your body's own!

Glutathione and pregnancy plus patented science and a lot of FAITH does wonders!

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