"Welcome to the wonders of glutathione skin whitening!"

What I love about glutathione is its skin whitening effect.

Not only does glutathione improve our overall health. But it contributes to beauty as well.

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Aside from the numerous health benefits of glutathione, it also gives a skin lightening effect. Isn't that just fantastic?

It doesn't matter how dark or fair your skin is. The fact that we are exposed to the sun means our skin tends to darken over time. Or it could develop dark spots, which, incidentally, is my problem.

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We are all born with a particular skin color depending on our race, ethnicity, genes, etc. When we were babies, our skin was at its fairest. But as we age, we are exposed to sunlight, pollution and toxins. So, our skin gradually darkens, lightens or produce pigmentation or spots.

The good news is we can reverse the damages to our skin by taking good care of it. There are already established skin whitening substances.

Some of them are hydroquinone, glycolic acid, kojic acid, licorice and mulberry extract. There is also papaya extract that is very popular skin whitening ingredient used in the Philippines.

If you're like me who loves trying out beauty products, you must have already tried cosmetics containing one or more skin whitening agents mentioned above. They're all great.

As with all cosmetics, effectivity varies with individuals. You just have to try for yourself which product works for you. No one product works for everyone. But with a lot of information available, it's easy to choose which products to try.

Ok, so what makes glutathione different from other skin lightening agents?

One thing that's common to the well-known skin lightening agents mentioned is that they are found mostly in the forms of creams such as glutathione cream. In other words, they work from the outside of the skin.

woman applying face cream

Glutathione, on the other hand, can be taken both internally and externally. Meaning, it can be found in creams and lotions as well as in pills form. In fact, it can also be injected directly through the veins by qualified doctors.

The fact that glutathione can be both ingested and applied on the skin is the number one advantage of glutathione over other skin whitening products.

What this means to us is that aside from using creams, soaps and lotions to whiten our skin, we can achieve far better results when we take in supplements that increase the glutathione inside our body.

Since we already have glutathione inside our body, if we take ingest glutathione, then not will it only make our body healthier, it will also make our skin whiter.

Want proof?

"After 3 months of continuously taking glutathione supplements, my dark spots are considerably lighter. And I look fairer, too, according to my friends!" - Helen A., Laguna, 50yrs old.

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How does glutathione lighten the skin?

First let us understand the concept of pigmentation.

The color of our skin depends on the type and amount of melanin produced by the cells of our skin called melanocytes. Melanin is formed through series of reactions involving the amino acid tyrosine and the enzyme tyrosinase.

There are different kinds of melanin. For our explanation, let me mention just two important types. One is eumelanin, a black-brown pigment. Another is pheomelanin which is a yellow-red pigment.

Melanin is formed through the following: First, tyrosine (an amino acid) is converted to dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) by the action of the enzyme tyrosinase. Second, it is converted to dopaquinone. Eventually, this dopaquinone is converted into eumelanin which is the black-brown pigment.

melanin synthesis

In the presence of glutathione or cysteine, however, dopaquinone is converted to pheomenalin (yellow-red pigment) rather than eumelanin (black-brown pigment) .This explains the depigmentation action of glutathione which causes skin to whiten.

In summary, glutathione lightens the skin by converting the amino acid tyrosine into pheomelanin (which is a lighter-colored pigment ) rather than into eumelanin (which is the black-brown pigment).Reference:

Alaina J James, MD, Skin Lightening and Depigmenting Agents. June 28, 2006. July 13, 2009.

"How much glutathione should I take to achieve a lighter skin tone?"

According to one manufacturer of a fast-selling glutathione pill in the market, the dose to effectively whiten the skin is 20-40 mg/kg in 2-3 divided doses.

So, for a 50kg person, the effective dose is 1000mg-2000mg per day divided in 2 to 3 doses.

According to another brand of glutathione pills, the standard dosage is 1000mg per day for skin whitening.

In general then, you must take at least 1000mg per day if you wish to whiten your skin.

glutathione with Vit. C

But wait! Before you decide to buy a glutathione pill, you should buy one that has at least 2x vitamin C content as glutathione.

This is because taking just glutathione alone won't work. It has to be taken with vitamin C. And double the dose.

Wow, so this means if you take 1000mg of glutathione, you should take 2000 mg of Vit.C! Don't worry, though. There is no overdose of both glutathione and Vit.C.

Whatever is not used by our body will just be flushed out through our urine.

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How long should one expect to see results?

This depends on the color of the skin and the degree of lightening. But in general, you can expect to see results in 1-3 months if have light to medium skin tone. And about 6-12 months for very dark skin.

Once you achieve your desired skin tone, you can take 500mg of glutathione to maintain your skin color and to prevent the onset of skin darkening.

You should still take Vit.C with glutathione since Vit. C helps recycle the glutathione on our body. And glutathione won't be as effective without Vit.C. Glutathione is indeed a wonderful antioxidant.

Not only does it contribute to longevity by delaying aging. But it also contributes to beauty by lightening the skin tone.

Be healthy. Be beautiful.

Truly a remarkable product, isn't it?

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Does your glutathione supplement whiten your skin? Share your terrific results with glutathione here!

Does your glutathione supplement whiten your skin?

If you're taking a glutathione supplement that made your skin fairer, lighter or just plain look better, share your amazing story here!

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