Glutathione speeds exercise recovery!

Did you know that glutathione helps speed up exercise recovery by increasing antioxidant activity?

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Exercise recovery is very important especially for the fitness buffs. And most especially so for older or more senior fitness buffs!

We all know that exercise is one of the activities healthy people do on a regular basis. In fact, regular exercise makes people healthier and live longer. I know, you already know that.

But do you know that when we exercise, our glutathione levels fall?

Yes, our GSH levels fall simply because exercise produces free radicals. And it is the job of our body's endogenous antioxidants to quench them. Antioxidants help quench the free radicals to return the body to its normal state.

The good news is glutathione depletion during exercise is only temporary. This is one reason why many people report the need for increased recovery time after they exercise.

As long our body is continuously producing and recycling glutathione, there should not be a problem!
fit senior woman As we age, however, glutathione depletion occurs. Therefore, we need to eat more foods rich in glutathione or take gsh supplements to counteract this natural decline.

Another good news is that despite the free radical formation that occurs with exercise, the health benefits of doing so far outweighs any potential risks.

Want proof?

A study was conducted on a group of martial artists (mean age= 50 years old) and a group of less active people around the same age. Gluathione levels of both groups were monitored.

The study concluded that the martial artists group exhibited an enhanced antioxidant defense system and overall better health than the control group.1

So, by all means exercise! Fitness training not only keeps diseases away, but it also enables our body to do more work, better!

Exercise as well as recovery in exercise is particularly important for athletes, bodybuilders, and senior men and women.

It is therefore important to keep glutathione levels high for a fast recovery from exercise, especially a strenuous one!

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1 Douris, PC, "Martial Art Training enhances the glutathione antioxidant system in middle-aged adults." J Strength Cond. Res. 2009 Aug:23(5):15 18-23.

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