Our Multiple Sclerosis Testimonial

This is the multiple sclerosis testimonial of the couple, Frank and Judy from Peachland, B.C. (British Columbia)

Taking a glutathione supplement helped Judy from her MS and Frank from his heart problems.

In summary, glutathione's benefits to Judy are:

  • Less spasm
  • Less pain
  • Less fatigue
  • More energy after a long time

On Frank, taking an effective glutathione supplement decreased his dosage of Lipitor daily from 80mg to 60mg.

Frank and Judy's multiple sclerosis testimonial goes....

I am 46 years young and I live in Peachland, B.C.

In 1997, we were hit with the news that I was being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a neurological disease which leaves little hope for the future.

Our children were young teens at the time and needless to say this was terrifying for all of us. With MS comes many different types of symptoms, muscle pain and spasm, mental and physical fatigue, poor balance, I can go on and on. Activities had to be well planned so that I could be well rested. I hated feeling like a burden to my family.

As things go over the next year so many well intentioned friends and friends of friends were convinced that they could "cure" my MS with their various products, etc. Being somewhat of a realist I didn't want any part of bouncing from product to product, I did my research, there is no cure for MS!

In January 2005 my husband had a heart attack, yet another blow for us! Two surgeries and 11 (stints) later he is taking huge doses of Lipitor (80mg daily).

Our children now being young adults and heading out on their own, I wanted a change for us so we moved to Peachland and semi-retired.

In June 2007 my husband was introduced to a glutathione supplement. I was willing to try it.

About two weeks into taking the glutathione supplement, I had to admit I was feeling so much better than I had in years!

Less spasm, less pain, less fatigue and more energy than I had in some time! WOW and this gets better. After two months on the product, my husband's medication was reduced by 20% to 60mg of Lipitor daily.

Glutathione has been so much more than a supplement. It has and is changing our lives daily. I still have MS but MS doesn't have me!

We are looking forward to a much longer life and a better quality of life than we ever could have imagined!


Keller, RH, GLUTATHIONE Your Best Defense Against Aging, Cellular Damage and Disease, 2008.

This multiple sclerosis testimonial is proof that glutathione can improve one's MS by having less spasm, less pain, less fatigue and more energy!

There is no cure for MS but there one can have a better and happier life even with MS!

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