Testimonial Fibromyalgia & Meniscus Cartilage Tear"

Here is as Testimonial Fibromyalgia & Meniscus Cartilage Tear shared by a Jillyn, 52 yrs. old.

According to her,

"My knee is doing wonderful, NO surgery needed, my fibromyalgia seldom bothers me anymore, I have more energy, better mental clarity and I sleep every night. "

Taking an effective glutathione supplement helped improve her musculoskeletal cellular function.

Read on to this unbelievable testimonial fibromyalgia....

In February 2006, working as a teacher I, Jillyn, at 52 years old was tripped in the hall and landed on my left knee. It immediately swelled up and I struggled to walk.

I was sent to two doctors, one was an orthopedic surgeon I had X-rays, and an MRI done. I was told my MRI showed a meniscus cartilage tear. It hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep and I walked with severe pain.

I was given Prednisone and Amitriptyline to bring down the inflammation and the pain, but to no avail. I was on crutches for a month but that didn’t help either.

fibromyalgia severe pain

Then in April 2007, over a year later and still in pain, I was then sent to another orthopedic surgeon who really is a specialist in knees. He said I definitely needed surgery.

But I am allergic to a lot of anti-inflammatories so I wanted to think about it for a few weeks. I then heard about the glutathione supplement and started taking it to see if it would help my fibromyalgia which I was diagnosed with in 1980 by a rheumatologist.

Some symptoms of fibromyalgia, besides pain and lack of energy that I also struggle with are severe insomnia where many nights I did not sleep at all and a lack of mental clarity.

The longer I was on the glutathione supplement, the better I felt. After about 2 months of taking it I noticed increased mental clarity, my energy level was up and there was less stiffness in my joints and muscles.

I sleep better and I feel better than I have in 27 years! I am sleeping all night, every night, and my knee is NOT painful anymore.

Now 1 ½ years since the fall, Oct. 1, I had a follow up with the knee specialist, the orthopedic surgeon who I saw last April. I was concerned about the surgery and when to have it.

After my exam he wrote up the results and asked if I wanted a copy. In those results he wrote,

"PLAN: Because her symptoms have shown signs of resolution and her exam is benign today would recommend holding off on surgery for now. Continue to follow on a conservative basis using the glutathione supplement. Since the inflammation is now resolving, it will take another 6 months or so for complete healing.”
My orthopedic surgeon then explained that by keeping the inflammation down with the glutathione supplement my body has been able to work on healing my meniscus cartilage tear. He then recommended careful exercise to build my knee strength, so the very next day I walked ONE mile on it, which I had not dared do, and my knee felt fine. I am ecstatic!

My knee is doing wonderful, NO surgery needed, my fibromyalgia seldom bothers me anymore, I have more energy, better mental clarity and I sleep every night.

For years I have also had severe allergies. And after four months on the glutathione supplement, I was able to keep my allergies completely under control.

I felt normal and even forgot about my allergies until one day my husband asked me why I wasn’t suffering with them. I said I was only taking my glutathione supplement and had no allergy symptoms.


Keller, RH, GLUTATHIONE Your Best Defense Against Aging, Cellular Damage and Disease, 2008.

This testimonial fibromyalgia is a testament to what glutathione can do to anyone experiencing severe pain, lack of energy, insomnia, and allergies.

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