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This is an Ileitis Lymphedema testimonial of a woman who had quite an number of disorders under her belt! Xarhis, prior to having ileitis and lymphedema, had breast cancer in 1994.

She was cured with breast cancer by taking herbal alternatives, no chemo, no radiation for her!

Anyway, to summarize, just after taking 18 packets of effective glutathione supplement, her colonoscopy exam showed "normal" ileum and thus, no more ileitis. Just in time for a much-deserved Alaskan cruise!

Sit tight for Xarthis' ileitis lymphedema testimonal....

I am absolutely excited about this glutathione supplement because it helped me with two major health concerns: ileitis and lymphedema! The ileitis inflammation was located on the "terminal ileum" (are of the small intestine) just before the ileocecal valve to the large intestine.

Apparently, this condition started some months prior from food poisoning. Over a period of months and delays in getting a correct diagnosis, I began to experience ongoing significant pain in the lower right area of my abdomen.

I got to the point I literally could not sit, stoop, bend, wear tight clothing or walk without PAIN! Certain foods began to bother me, as well. The only way to get relief was to eat bland food, wear a robe and be in a reclining position.

Finally, I had a CT scan that showed "thickening" in that area attributable to infection and inflammation. Upon seeing a specialist in gastroenterology, I was given an antibiotic for the "infection"(presumably, caused by amoeba), but I was told the "inflammation" would take a "long, long time" to heal.

In fact, the specialist told me that since this condition had been left that long, he believed this thickening could very well already be ulcerated putting me at risk for Crohn's disease.

The recourse for that would be surgery or Prednisone. I wanted neither. I was encouraged to have a colonoscopy after the antibiotic. However, I postponed this exam because I felt 90 percent better and had "some" continued pain.

I also had an Alaskan cruise I wanted to take two weeks later; and I was concerned about the risk of possible perforation by the camera used in the exam (in my mind) designed for a colon and not a much smaller ileum.

All of this was stressful to me because in 1994 I faced the big "C" of cancer and I certainly didn't want to face another big "C" for Crohn's disease!

I knew several people who had it and I didn't want it. Being into natural health alternatives, I started on chlorophyll capsules and a concentrated whole leaf aloe vera. It semed to help some, but I was still having pain and knew I wasn't well enough for me to believe I could make the cruise.

I heard about the glutathione supplement and obtained a week's supply. On the first day, I noticed a lot of energy. By the second day, I began to have less pain and within days, I was actually able to increase my activities.

After only taking eight (8) packets of the supplement, I saw my physical therapist for a scheduled manual lymphedema massage. (During my bout of breast cancer, I worked with natural herbs in lieu of chemo or radiation and my cancer was gone, but I was still left with lympheema. My surgeon removd auxiliary lymph nodes, although I was assured they would not be.)

My therapist, within a few minutes of putting her hands on me, asked excitedly, "What are you taking? What are you doing differently?!"

The glutathione supplement had reduced some of the swelling from retained fluids and softened much of the tissue that was ussually hardened by trapped fluids from adhesions that would often take the therapist 20 minutes just to soften it.

Immediately. she noticed my tissue was different. Never had it been like this during all the eight years she treated me, nor when I had taken chlorophyll or aloe vera in the past, so it had to have been the glutathione supplement! (by the way, My lymphedema is still improving and I feel like I'm getting my life back.)

After only 14 packets of glutathione supplement, I also knew it had significantly helped my ilietis condition. There now was no question about packing for the trip!

I was able to drive ten hours the first day toward Canada for the cruise, with no problem. Just two weeks prior, I still could not sit more than a half-hour without experiencing some level of pain.

I made the cruise and handled it fine sitting, walking, climbing stairs, dancing, wearing my pretty "tight" clothes, eating whatever I wanted now (gained 9 pounds) and had no problems whatsoever!

Upon returning home, I took only four packets of the supplement (making it a total of 18 packets) before my scheduled colonoscopy and "knew" even before the exam that I was fine --- and I was! The specialist took the camera into the ileum and it was normal.


Keller, RH, GLUTATHIONE Your Best Defense Against Aging, Cellular Damage and Disease, 2008.

This ileitis lymphedema testimonial is amazing! It is proof that an effective glutathione supplement can improve any condition, faster than drugs.

Ileitis and lymphedema are uncommon disorders but still, raising our body's glutathione levels help in treating them.

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