Anxiety Depression Testimonial
by Carvel

This is an Anxiety Depression Testimonial of a 66 year old woman named Carvel.

Her once active life was brought to an abrupt stop when she became ill. She became severely depressed and gained weight. She tried everything from acupuncture to hypnosis and even a retreat in Mexico!

But nothing worked for her. Except when she started taking effective glutathione supplement.


Read on to her Anxiety Depression Testimonial ....

I am 66 years old. Using the glutathione supplement has changed my life. Yes, I have reentered life!

I experienced a significant benefit within 2 hours of using this product. I feel better now than I have in many years.

Here is my story.

I was in near perfect health, so I believed, through my late 50’s. Then I was assaulted by serious mental and physical health challenges. outdoor active senior I had been an outdoor enthusiast. I ran my first marathon at age 47. I ran at least one marathon a year for 10 consecutive years.

I did a lot of mountain biking and backpacking into the back country. Also, I snow skied –--- never at a high skill level, but I had the energy and strength to do it.

All that great outdoor stuff stopped when I became ill. I stopped exercising and gained 75 pounds. For several years I was not living life ---- I was merely surviving from one day to the next.

I was diagnosed with severe depression and an anxiety disorder. Every day for at least 5 years, I had pains in my chest; some days it was only at an uncomfortable level, but most days the pain was excruciating.

I was committing many thinking errors. It adversely affected every area of my life, including financial, spiritual, and social. Nothing seemed to deliver relief.

I was hospitalized 3 times. I sought help from several different medical doctors. Many different pharmaceutical medicines were prescribed and used. Still no relief.

I tried several alternative approaches to my health problems, including acupuncture, hypnosis and chiropractic. Nothing worked.

I spent a week with a holistic practitioner in Mexico. It didn’t help. Many well intended people gave me advice – what to do – what to eat – what to drink – what to swallow, etc. Nothing worked.

I decided to take an early retirement. I retired from my career in 2003. Life was still very hard.

Then I decided to move from Utah to Hawaii. I made the move early November, 2006. I believe that helped, but I was still hurting.

I woke up every morning with turmoil in my chest. I can best describe it by reporting that it felt like cats inside my chest clawing.

Sometime late December, 2006, I learned about glutathione supplement. I began using it mid- January, 2007.

This is what happened.

Within an hour or two after I first took the supplement, I felt softening of the anxiety in my chest. The pain went away, and has not returned. It is an absolute miracle.
But the softening of the anxiety per se, is not the most miraculous part of my experience. Not only was my anxiety going down, but my energy was increasing.

Never before had I taken anything, good or bad, that increased my energy and also reduced the anxiety. Usually when my energy increased, my anxiety cranked up.

So, my first two noticeable benefits were my anxiety reduced and my energy went up.

Here are some other benefits I noticed:

  • Better sleep – that is, more restful slumber
  • Natural color returning to my hair
  • Old scar tissue on my right shin repairing
  • Increased desire to accomplish things each day
  • Increased sense of well being

I do not use any prescribed medications. I feel discouraged sometimes, but I no longer suffer from depression; I know the difference.

Yes, using this product has changed my life. It is true that I feel better than I have in many years. I am not yet back to the point to where I thought I was enjoying near perfect health. But, that is now up to me. I know I need to exercise more, and shed some pounds.

There is more, but I think I have captured, and shared the essence of my experience using the revolutionary product.


Keller, RH, GLUTATHIONE Your Best Defense Against Aging, Cellular Damage and Disease, 2008.

This Anxiety Depression Testimonial is amazing! It is proof that an effective glutathione supplement can increase one's energy, and relieve one's anxiety and depression.

Anxiety depression testimonials are not uncommon these days. In fact over 121 million are suffering from depression worldwide! Did you know that depression is the 2nd cause of DALY's (Disability Adjusted Life Years) in the age category 15-44 years for both sexes?

So, do not let any illness stop you from doing what you want in life. Be it running for yearly marathons or snow-skiing. Carvel is proof that there is life after 60 and a very active one life, at that!

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