Restless Leg Testimonial
Eyesight, Arthritis Pain & Depression

Shirley's restless leg testimonial is a phenomenal! It demonstrates how taking an effective glutathione supplement eliminates excruciating pain brought about by arthritis and weak muscles.

Shirley has gone from being a competitive athlete to a depressed old lady and then back!

In summary, glutathione's effects on her are:

  • vitality returned in 3 days
  • clearer eyesight in 3 days
  • restless leg syndrome gone in 1 month
  • arthritis pain gone in 5 weeks
  • back to walking, running, tai-chi, Pilates in 5 weeks

Her unbelievable restless leg testimonial goes....

I am 68 years of age. I have always been in very good health, eat organically and am a competitive athlete enjoying a great deal of energy.

In 1995, I was run over by a car while practicing for a triathlon and had my leg crushed. I was 4 years in physio, in and out of a wheelchair along with 3 operations. The end result was

no more running, limited walking, leg could not fully extend and the pain of arthritis began.

I also suffered for many years with familial arthritis in my hands, twisted, swollen fingers along with 24/7 pain. I always continued with a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, Tai Chi and walking the doggies.

I did not let the pain stop me from keeping fit. I was known among my friends as the gal who could do anything regardless of how difficult it was. I was a bit of a role model for some.

In 2006, my life changed for the worse, I became more and more depressed, had a total lack of energy, my previous mental drive became “mush” and it was all I could do to drag myself for my doggies’ daily walks.

I was in fear of becoming one of those ‘old ladies’ that lie around eating bon-bons. It was hard to believe it was me!

The end of February 2007, I first took the glutathione supplement and three days later I returned with the vitality and drive that I had always enjoyed! I am talking three DAYS, not years! I was back to being me.

Yes I still had pain BUT, 3 days after starting the supplement (2 packets a day) I commented to my husband that my eyesight was clearer as was my mental focus.

It continued to improve to the point that I no longer used my glasses while driving at night. After four months I had my eyes checked by my specialist and he confirmed that yes indeed, “your eyesight has improved!”

My mental focus changed immediately from being in a depressed state to one of excitement waking to a new day! I felt absolutely wonderful and in such a positive state.

I have suffered from Restless Legs Syndrome and that was gone within a month ----- that was a delightful surprise. The next to go was the pain of arthritis. It took 5 weeks.

Now my rings spin on my fingers, no leg pain, and I can enjoy lying down in bed. I am now back on the treadmill, doing walk/run for one hour at an incline and practicing for the New York Marathon. My gym workout is 3 days a week.

When I complete my walk/run (which I increase on a 2-week basis), I drop down and do 60 FULL push ups, then do stretches and yoga poses. I also do Tai Chi weekly and Pilates. I also run my own business.

My life is good ---- really good!

Keller, RH, GLUTATHIONE Your Best Defense Against Aging, Cellular Damage and Disease, 2008.

Don't you think that this Restless Leg testimonial is amazing! It is proof that an effective glutathione supplement can improve any condition, faster than drugs, and without unwanted side effects!

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